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Image blog Why invest in a property in 2022?
Description blog Investment in a property, also known as an investment in brick, is one of the best known in the world. In national terms, the real estate market has reactivated strongly after the pandemic. The sale of homes continues to rise in the first months of 2022, while real estate investment in Spain has grown by more than 30% last year. According to experts, properties will continue to be a goo
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Image blog Buy a new build or second-hand property?
Description blog The answer will depend on some aspects that we detail as relevant, such as the needs of each buyer, their wishes or expectations, their preferences, time perspective to enjoy their new home, prices and the offer that exists in the location they want to live. However, the statistics can show us what the majority of buyers choose. The sale of second-hand homes continues to rise and today
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Image blog Property buying costs and taxes in Spain 2022
Description blog Property buying costs and taxes in Spain are mandatory phases in the sale and acquisition process. However, it is essential to consider them as a financial factor and adjust them to the budget. This circumstance is fundamental since the cost of a property is not limited to the announced by the seller's sale price.
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