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Image blog Earnest Money Contract in Spain: What is, types, FAQs
Description blog The earnest money contract is an essential component of the property buying or selling process; it is a legal document that establishes a commitment between the buyer and the seller, serving as a basis for the final transaction and the eventual public deed of sale. In this article, you will find a complete guide to the earnest money contracts i
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Image blog Five reasons why Marbella is the best place for luxury real estate investment in Spain
Description blog Are you looking to invest in the luxury real
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Image blog Sustainable building certifications
Description blog Respecting and protecting the environment and the planet is one of the most important goals of modern society. Buildings have an immense direct and indirect impact on the environment. During construction, use, renovation, reuse and demolition, buildings consume energy, water and raw materials, generate waste and emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. The need to protect a
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Image blog Latest trends in interior decoration, 2023
Description blog Globalization processes, climate change, care for the environment, and active and dynamic life in society impact interior design. Some of the trends in interior decoration that the pandemic gave rise to are here to stay. All the newness we will see throughout 2023 will be related to the search for the ideal solution to achieve well-being and create a comfortable and harmonious space. A home in
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Image blog What is your property's value?
Description blog This question is fundamental when you are interested in selling a property. It is of vital importance so as not to delay your goal. Calculating the for-real value of a property is a task that you have to put in the hands of professionals because they will be objective in the valuation and also because this is fundamental to selling it. Hence we insist on the relevance of puttin
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Image blog Fortuny Featured Properties in September
Description blog September is the month of returning, organizing, settling down, going home, coming back after the summer trips, after the experiences lived, the learning that the summer months leave us, opening the door of our home again with the illusion of a return to routines, sit on the sofa, breathe and think: "September, how beautiful you are!"  This month is also synonymous with new beginnings,
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